Hangzhou GAXDOR Auto Parts Co.,Ltd

Hangzhou GAXDOR Auto Parts Co., Ltd. is a professional automotive parts supplier located in the automotive parts production base of Hangzhou, providing a variety of high quality chassis parts with complete varieties. The surrounding logistics are convenient, close to Ningbo Port, Shanghai Port, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport, Shanghai Pudong Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, whether it is air transportation in emergency situations or sea transportation under normal circumstances, Our delivery time is very high, and the transportation cost in inland China is very low.

In addition, on the basis of providing high-quality products, GAXDOR pays more attention to providing high-quality services, including but not limited to more efficient responses, customized production, high-quality packaging, convenient after-sales service, etc. For many years, we have provided more professional technical support and market services to customers from different countries and regions, helping them continuously explore and maintain the market.

The Gaxdor Brand

Premium Quality With Premium Service




GAXDOR is a brand held by Hangzhou GAXDOR Auto Parts Co., Ltd., focusing on providing high-quality products and high-quality services.

Insisting on supplying high-quality and durable products is our eternal original intention, we promise all products are strictly produced and inspected under the IATF16949 quality management system, and all products have production traceability.

All products promise:

1.High-quality raw material.

2.Accessories meet genuine parts requirements.

3.All process inspected.

And all of GAXDOR’s packaging uses higher-quality base materials and higher-quality printing, and all materials are harmless to the human body. Its strength can be fully qualified for long-distance transportation. Whether it is express delivery or sea transportation, the packaging will not be seriously damaged, and the product quality will not be affected.

Normally, the preparation time for the GAXDOR brand is about 15 days, and the first batch of shipments will be completed within 30 days at most, but because the delivery time of special models may reach 60 days, it may involve separate shipments, but we we will ensure that all models are complete at the first shipment to ensure that all models of our agents will not be out of stock.

Special service: When there is an urgent need, we support emergency distribution in the global region, and support global air freight services. In some cases, this service is free. We will meet the requirements of our agents regardless of the cost. The most adequate protection minimizes the worries of our agents in product suppliers.