Complete Production Process

Gaiduo has equipment for a complete technological process from forging to finished product assembly, and has the ability to strictly manage each production process. From the raw materials of the products to the accessories, we insist on adopting higher quality standards and evaluation standards, and the precision of our production equipment is controlled at the μm level (0.001mm). In addition, we insist on strictly following the IATF16949 quality management system for production and management , product quality and batch stability will be fully guaranteed.


Strict Inspection Standard

Gaiduo has more than ten different types of production testing equipment and finished product testing equipment, and formulates quality management standards in strict accordance with the IATF16949 system, conducts strict inspection and testing of semi-finished and finished products in the production process, and archives the production batches of the products. All products have production traceability, and make every effort to ensure that the products on sale quality stability.