Self-Use or Sample Service

After-Sale Guarantee 18 Month Since Deliver !

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  • 18 Month Warranty

    60,000 KMS

    We offer 18 month or 60,000 kms warranty, whether the product cannot be installed, or the ABS sensor alarm, noise during driving, etc., any problems that affect comfortable driving, we will replace it for you.

  • Brand New


    We guarantee that all products sold, including those used for after-sales service replacement, are all brand new products. We will never sell or provide refurbished or repaired products, because this will affect the user experience and driving safety.

  • Premium Quality

    Quality Guarantee

    We only provide high-quality products, and all products are produced and inspected in strict accordance with the IATF16949 management system (IATF16949 system is almost the most stringent quality management system in the auto parts industry).

  • Fast Delivery

    In 3 Days

    We have almost all products in stock, or work in progress, so we can guarantee fast delivery, usually within 3 days for retail orders, and deliver by air.

  • Stronger Packaging

    Refuse Excessive Packaging

    Since our products are relatively heavy, we insist on using higher strength packaging to avoid damage in transit. But we also resolutely resist excessive packaging, because excessive packaging will cause waste of resources and increase your express and purchase costs.

  • Buy On Alibaba

    Payment More Secure

    Considering that many customers have concerns about payment security and purchase protection, we have opened a store on the Alibaba platform to facilitate the purchase of self-use customers, so that your payment and orders will be guaranteed by a third party, which is more secure.