What is Electric Water Pump ?

Date: 18th Dec. 2023,  By Syber

1. Product Type

Electric Water Pump

Electric Water Pump

The electric water pump mainly consists of three parts: fluid unit, motor unit and electronic control unit.
Its main function is to drive the coolant circulation, absorb the excessive amount of engine heat and transferred to the outside air through the heat sink to prevent the engine from Temperature is too high.
Compared with traditional mechanical water pumps, electronic water pumps have higher control accuracy, higher efficiency, longer service life, greatly reduced risk of water leakage, control method flexibility and excellence.

Auxiliary Water Pump

Auxiliary Water Pump

Auxiliary water pumps usually refer to some additional water pump devices used to provide auxiliary liquid circulation or cooling functions, not just limited to the main engine cooling system. These additional water pumps are usually driven by electric motors rather than relying on the mechanical transmission of the engine system. Their goal is to improve the efficiency, performance and reliability of the entire vehicle while meeting the needs of different driving conditions.

2. Product Features

2.1 Electric Water Pump Features

  • Cool engine

    A car’s water pump keeps the engine’s temperature within the proper range by circulating coolant. This helps prevent the engine from overheating and protects engine components from damage.

  • Maintain a stable temperature

    The water pump helps maintain engine temperature stability, ensuring it remains within the proper operating temperature range under a variety of operating conditions.

  • Transfer heat

    The water pump circulates coolant to the engine and carries heat to the radiator, causing heat to be dissipated into the air to keep the engine temperature normal.

  • Prevent freezing

    Coolant with added antifreeze can prevent the cooling system from freezing in cold temperatures and protect the engine from freezing hazards.

2.2 Auxiliary Water Pump Features

  • Cool battery

    Auxiliary water pumps in electric vehicles are used to cool the batteries and ensure that they operate within the appropriate temperature range. This helps increase the battery’s life and maintain its performance.

  • Cool the turbocharger system

    Auxiliary water pumps may be used to cool the turbine and supercharger to prevent overheating and increase the efficiency of the turbocharging system.

  • Cool transmission oil

    Auxiliary water pumps in some models is used to cool the automatic transmission oil, ensuring that the transmission operates at the appropriate temperature and improving the life and performance of the transmission.

  • Auxiliary engine start-stop system

    Auxiliary water pumps may be used to assist the engine start-stop system to ensure that the cooling system is in ideal condition before the engine is started.

3. Product Structure

3.1 Electric Water Pump Structure

Electric Water Pump Structure
Electric Water Pump Sample
OEM 11 51 7 586 925
Working Voltage12 V
Operation Temp-40℃—130 ℃
Rated Power136 W
Working Current11.3 A
Rated Working Flow142.4L/M @1.5m
Control MethodPWM
Max Flow≥ 5.5 M
Electric Water Pump

3.2 Auxiliary Water Pump Structure

Auxiliary Water Pump Structure
Auxiliary Water Pump Sample
OEM1K0 965 561 J
Working Voltage12 V
Operation Temp-40℃—130 ℃
Rated Power15 W
Working Current1.25 A
Rated Working Flow14.9L/M @1m
Control MethodPWM
Max Flow≥ 2.2 M

Auxiliary Water Pump